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The Importance of Customer Service

The Importance of Customer Service If you are going to sell to a customer one time…never to repeat doing business with that customer and if you do not care about what your customers think about your products and/or services…then you do not need to read further. One of the reasons to pay attention to customer…

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Networking: 30-60-90 Second Introductions

You have probably been taught or witnessed that in most ‘networking’ organizations it is best to have a catchy ‘elevator pitch’ and use the same pitch every time. This is not a good practice. What should you do? Keep it fresh. Change your pitch each time, and each time make sure to focus on a…

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Business Training

Training is an undervalued, yet essential responsibility of the business owner. Considering business failure is due to lack of ‘know-how’ rather than any other reason, it increases revenue & business value to have trained employees. There is a natural hesitation towards training in small businesses because owners tend to think that investing in an employee…