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Networking: 30-60-90 Second Introductions

You have probably been taught or witnessed that in most ‘networking’ organizations it is best to have a catchy ‘elevator pitch’ and use the same pitch every time. This is not a good practice.

What should you do? Keep it fresh. Change your pitch each time, and each time make sure to focus on a different aspect of your business. You don’t have to cover everything in one pitch. However, you should cover one product or one service and make it interesting & exciting.

What are the benefits of keeping it fresh? It is more interesting for people who have already met you. It gives you a chance to practice your pitch communication skills. You educate people over time. Your excitement rubs off on others and gives attendees something to share in their respective circles.

Many people spend a lot of time each month networking, attending several networking meetings. Some of these networking organizations charge a fee to belong. They restrict those who join by business type and expect members to bring in leads. Each member views the other members as an extension of their sales effort.

When you join one of these organizations, it is costly in regards to money and in the time spent. Therefore, it is imperative to give some serious thought to what you say and what you hope to accomplish.

Thought #1: How does my networking interface with my total marketing plan. Are you using an ‘integrated marketing’ approach?

Thought #2: Do you have a series of 30-60-90 second introductions/elevator pitches? A series may consist of 6 or more pitches, one building on the other.

Thought #3: Do you use either samples of your products or some other physical thing/tools to more clearly illustrate?

Thought #4: Is your delivery professional?

Thought #5: What do you want to accomplish in your networking effort?

Spending some time thinking about the above will increase your effectiveness.

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