About Small Business Samaritans

Small Business Samaritans cares about individuals who have the dream and courage to start a business. These dreams are important, not just to them and their families, but to their customers, employees, business associates and the community.

Small Business Samaritans cares about those business owners who are stuck. Stuck with a difficult problem. Stuck with under-performing employees. Stuck trying to raise enough revenue to pay the bills and meet payroll. Solving these challenges is absolutely necessary from physical, mental and spiritual perspectives.

Small Business Samaritans cares about increasing sales, increasing revenue, having adequate cash flow. You can have first class branding, marketing, social media, but if you don’t sell enough, you are in serious trouble. 

Small Business Samaritans cares about helping the individual. Everyone at some point in their lives, need personal growth, coaching and direction. 

SBS strongly believes that business ownership is a calling that can have lasting impact. Small businesses create more than 70% of jobs and delivers needed goods & services. You must understand that starting a business, purchasing a business, growing a business is a God given calling. It is one of the most important callings an individual can receive, because this calling properly implemented results in so many great blessings for the community. It provides the economic life blood a community needs. It provides jobs. It supports non-profit organizations. It gives people hope. It gives people a career and an opportunity to make a mark on others. It gives purpose.

We are living in exciting & challenging times where much of the future of the United States of America depends upon small business development & job creation. The marketplace is changing so rapidly with the use of new digital tools & platforms. We also must recognize that due to the pandemic, a ‘new normal’ has been established. In some ways, everything has to be thought of as building from grown zero.  

The concept of SBS was born out of the idea that small businesses and entrepreneurs need to do things differently in order to insulate them from economic and political forces. For example, today’s stock market is not dependent upon what happens in any one country. It is based upon the global economy and not the economy of any one country.  This is an example of the type of thinking that small businesses must use. It does not have to be based upon a global solution, but it must be based upon establishing sound revenue production. 

We ‘come alongside’ of small businesses not just to train and encourage, but we ‘walk alongside’, providing solutions/ideas that work. Our goal is to help small business operate less subjected to outside forces and become more responsive to excellent business execution.