Leadership Training with Small Business Samaritans

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn."
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Benjamin Franklin


First understand that leadership training is not listening to a motivational speech. Leadership training begins with understanding a person’s strengths and weaknesses and developing a teaching and coaching plan to make people better leaders. Everyone is different and there are no canned answers.

It must be clear that ‘Leadership Training’ is a highly personalized service that is tailored to the needs of the leader you are working with. There are no ‘one size fits all’. Attending leadership seminars is fun, entertaining and may give some interesting concepts to think about, but in most cases the impact on an organization comes down too little or none. It can be one of the worst forms of return on investment.

Leadership training has to almost always be tailored to the personality or leader you are trying to help.

Management training

Unfortunately, most business managers have had no training. This service offering is to provide them with management fundamentals that work for them in their place of employment. Our objective is to provide knowledge that works for them and not simply academic concepts. Very often these individuals need management coaching.

We recognize the need for management training is for people that have not attended college, do not have a degree in business management and have very little clue as to how to be a good manager except what they have learned or observed from some of the worst managers they have worked for. They do not know what to do, they just know what they should not do. For business owners, you should invest in personalized management training for the managers in your organization. 

sales management

Sales management is totally different from most other forms of management. It is closer to sports coaching than other forms of management recognizing that sales people are different because they must bring so much of themselves into the selling process.

The question is how do you help someone who is doing poorly in sales? When I was in corporate management, I asked a question that changed our approach to training salespeople and sales managers. The question was; ‘What are our best sales people doing that our worse sales people are not doing’? I will be happy to share the results of the research and investment we spent in answering that question. 

become an effective leader

Leadership isn't something a person is born with. It really can be learned.

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