Small Business Samaritans Non-Profit Workshops

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Prepared by Kate St. Clair

May 13, 2014

Have you ever had such a burning passion to help a cause that you actually considered starting a non-profit organization? Then you abandoned your idea when you realized the sheer enormity of the need and the miniscule contribution you might make? Perhaps you actually launched your enterprise but a have found yourself overwhelmed by the complexities of managing it and the recognition of your own lack of knowledge and skill, despite your sincere and earnest motivation?

What can you do? Should you give up? Where do you go for answers? Who can guide you? What kind of training is available to you?

Please … do not throw in the towel. Whatever your cause – you are needed! You are not alone. Virtually every founder of a non-profit enterprise has been plagued by these questions – at least once. Non-Profit organizations have many of the same management challenges and knowledge needs as small businesses or large corporations. However, non-profits bear an additional skill-development burden which must be developed in the following key areas:

  • Board Development – How to select and retain a productive and loyal Board
  • Volunteer Management – How to build and sustain a family of enthusiastic volunteers
  • Donor Cultivation – How to secure the financial support of your community
  • Fundraising – How to create a signature fund-raising event
  • Grant-writing – How to secure funds from foundations
  • Public Speaking – How to confidently and passionately ‘pitch’ your story in every conceivable situation to enlist ambassadors and supporters.

When you become a master of these skills and share them within your organization, you are well on your way to a successful and long-standing non-profit business.

If you need help, the Non-Profit Division of Small Business Samaritans was created just for YOU – to come alongside to help you overcome the challenges that are unique to the non-profit industry. Check out our website to see how we can contribute to your success.