Logical Selling Process

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The need for a documented sales process is immediately apparent when it is pointed out to owners, sales managers and those responsible for revenue generation. However, very little thought is given to this area and almost no documentation. An executive of a major corporation once told the sales force that they had to double the numbers of units sold that year to meet stockholders expectations. This ‘bomb’ was dropped into the laps of the sales force with very little thought as to how 100% increase was going to be achieved.

Small business owners do the same thing. They calculate how much money they need to keep the doors open and pay for their immediate financial obligations. They then go out with no marketing, advertising or sales plan to achieve even those limited results.

What can you do?

Assessment: This is a very important process best done with an experienced consultant who not only understands the selling process but also has an in-depth knowledge of the business. In doing an assessment with one company we discovered that more than 80% of the selling time was spent generating 20% of the total revenue. After careful analysis, a recommendation was made to get rid of low profit lines and focus valuable employee sales time on the profitable business lines. Once that was done, the real work of planning revenue generation could be started.

Logical Selling Processes are unique to each company. There is no one formula that fits all. If that were so, generating revenue would be easy and everyone could do it. In developing a Logical Selling Process, everything is taken into consideration and customized to each client’s needs. No two companies are alike because each company has different strengths and weaknesses even if they are selling the same products. You cannot simply write a book on the subject, have everyone follow it and expect outstanding results. Logical Selling Processes are unique to each company, each owner, product line, customer set and economic conditions.

How do we get started? First, we do a preliminary analysis and develop a high level plan that is presented to the owner. This analysis will provide detail steps as to how the agreed to business objectives will be accomplished. To begin the process, call Phillip Saxton at 404-713-0991 or send an email to: saxton@mitowne.com.

Benefit of doing a Logical Selling Process. Our goal is simple, to help small businesses be successful by helping to create wealth, business stability, financial growth and job creation.