The Importance of ‘Domain’ Names

written by admin on April 7, 2014 in Articles with no comments

Domain names or URLs have been around for decades. Many people have at least one and some have many. Selecting the right domain name is one of the first decisions a business owner has to make and very often they do not spend enough time thinking about their selection.

Here are 4 considerations that are extremely important:

  1. Your domain name and the name of your business should be the same if possible. However, when you research the availability of your name of choice, you very often discover that your name is already owned by someone else. What do you do?
    • Consider changing the name of your business so they will match.
    • Use an abbreviation. Sometime you will find that also impossible. For example, Small Business Samaritans is referred to using SBS. But SBS can stand for many names and this domain name was purchased years ago.
    • Use a similar name and expect that you will have to invest dollars in promoting it.
  2. Consider using several domain names that all point to the same web site.
    • Do this is if you have a domain name that is difficult to spell.
    • Purchase both the singular and plural use of the domain name.
    • Abbreviate part of the domain name.
    • If part of your domain name is commonly misspelled, then also purchase the misspelled domain name.
  3. Consider purchasing several extensions. When you invest lots of time and dollars in establishing a domain name (e.g., one that ends in .com), then also purchase other extensions (.org, .net, .info, etc.) to protect your investment.
  4. Think of using an alternative name in addition to your primary name. For example, Small Business Samaritan’s motto is; ‘We Come Along Side’. If you search for:, you will also get our web site.
  5. Use a business consultant. This is a very important decision, one in which you may ultimately invest thousands, if not millions of dollars in promotion. There are a lot to things that only a seasoned professional small business consultant can help you consider. Call 404-713-0991 for more information.

For our Small Business Samaritans clients and associates, we make it easy for you to purchase domain names. Just go to It’s that simple.