S.T.A.R. Radio Program

Standing Together Achieves Rewards

Biz 1190Join host, Phillip Saxton, every Saturday at Noon on Biz1190. Small Business Samaritans STAR (Standing Together Achieves Rewards) Radio program features guests from Atlanta’s small business community. These local business owners have an opportunity to extend their reach via broadcast radio and though the publishing of podcasts on web sites and social media.

Each week, Phillip Saxton interviews select businesses that have an opportunity to educate and inform their customers and other business associates. Indeed, each business leader interviewed is encouraged to share significant information with our listeners – information that can be heard repeatedly on podcast.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with Phillip Saxton on your most important messages. In preparation for these broadcasts, business owners meet with Phillip Saxton to prepare the most important questions and messages that support business goals.

If you are interested in being on this show, go to our contact page and complete the simple form providing your name, email address & phone number. In the message box, include your interest in being on the STAR Radio program.

Randy Brunson, Owner of Centurion Business Group, http://www.centurionag.com/, (678) 478-5781.

Carol Counter, Owner of My Time Not Yours, http://mytimenotyours.com/, (404) 680-7333.

Mary Beth Frasier, Executive Director, Music Time Learning Center www.musictimelearning.org, (404) 353-8621.

Rick Kent, Owner of Creative Insurance Solutions, Health Insurance, http://www.scorecis.com/, (770) 815-3156.

Terry Buice, Chaplin of Barnabas Ministries, http://www.barnabasministriesga.weebly.com/, (678) 227-0711.

Paul Jolie, Owner, Vibrant Life Fitness USA, http://vibrantlifefitnessusa.com/, (678) 889-2422.

Oliver Dorsey, DNPS Dorsey Non-Profit Solutions, SBS Non-Profit Seminars, Fundraising Techniques https://www.smallbusinesssamaritans.com/sbs-non-profit-workshops/, (706) 491-9616.

Chris Reese/Judy Harris, Owner of Cirrus Business Group, http://www.cirrusbusinessgroup.com/

Lourdes Victor, Founder of Touch of Light Ministries, http://www.touchoflightministry.info/

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