The focus of Small Business Samaritans is to help business owners, non-profit organizations and their staff members improve their business skills and know-how. You must invest in yourself and your employees so that you can be competitive in an increasingly global marketplace. By joining SBS as a member you can save a great deal of money and guarantee that you have an on-going plan to increase your knowledge while saving a great deal of money. In addition, we offer our members an opportunity to join us on our STAR radio program and the production & posting of podcasts.

SBS Twelve Month Membership

Our twelve month membership is offered year round and includes 12 months of continuous services. The following services are included:

  • Seminar/Workshops Events – $2,388 value
    • Membership Cost – $100/month (12 month commitment)
  • Communication Skills Workshops – $796 value
    • Membership Cost – $50/month (12 month commitment)
  • Six interviews on SBS STAR Radio & posting of Podcasts – $1,200 value
    • Membership Cost – $125/month (12 month commitment)

All membership includes 3 hours of free consulting.

SBS Non-Profit Membership

Non-Profit leaders have additional needs that go beyond those of small business owners. We have special customized workshops designed to meet the needs of non-profits. To this end we also offer non-profit memberships to save money and provide more services.

  • Monthly non-profit seminar workshops (includes 6 workshops) – $1,194 value
    • Membership Cost – $75/month (12 month commitment)

All Membership includes 3 hours of free consulting.

Seminar Events/Workshops

The first is to provide a forum in which every attendee experiences personal development through education and enlightenment. Every month we provide training which significantly helps people close business sales by making them more effective entrepreneurs. Improving sales skills and learning how to be more effective in networking can help generate income more efficiently.

  • Each seminar/workshop includes a full breakfast/brunch and an opportunity to network with other business people.
  • Our plan is to keep workshops small so we can give lots of individual attention.

Membership. There are many people who need more than training. They need someone to ‘walk alongside’ of them to help with difficult business hurdles. The one thing that is of more value than money for a small business is mentoring expertise. You no longer have to go it alone.

  • Who do you call when you have a difficult business decision to make? You call SBS.
  • Who do you ask when you are about to take a serious financial risk? You call SBS.
  • Who do you ask for help in closing a significant piece of business? You call SBS.
  • Who do you ask to help with a plan to promote your business with a low budget? You call SBS.
  • With whom do you discuss problems with employees, suppliers and vendors when they are driving you to your wits end? You call SBS.

Technology — Tools. Technology and business tools are coming on the market at a rapid pace. It is impossible to keep up with it all when you are a small organization with no dedicated IT staff. Yet these tools are important for small business owners to use and use them effectively. Small Business Samaritans provides this assistance through our Business Promotion Services and through the execution of our Logical Selling Process.

Communication. Buying decisions always involves communication between two sides – making sure your sales solution meets the needs of the buyer. Effective communication is key, whether you are selling ideas, products, or services. Over time, either in groups or individually, we cover the following skill sets.

  • The Huge Sales Hurdle (Understanding the Challenge)
  • Elements of human conversation
  • Elements of a sales call
  • Logical Selling Process (Mastering the selling process)
  • Who is your customer?
  • Do you believe in what you are doing?
  • Developing your personal style – everyone is different (You cannot afford to be average)
  • Sales Preparation (Real success requires planning & preparation)
  • Telephone skills
  • Email skills

Our Communication Skills Workshop provides these services.