Logical Selling Process

Logical Selling ProcessThe Logical Selling Process (LSP) was developed by Phillip Saxton for major corporations to use in solving complex problems that utilizes many technologies, people, marketing & selling programs and software applications. It is an approach to problem solving that results in positive probable outcomes. This type of sophisticated approach was unavailable to small businesses until recently when so many tools have become available either free or at nominal cost.

The challenge today is that technology has become extremely cheap, it is more reliable and thousands of software applications have become available. In addition to the Internet, a proliferation of social media solutions and audio, video, and data access solutions to help small business abound.

The challenge is that we have great tools, but not the business knowledge and experience to use these tools to the advantage of small businesses. Although technology has become more affordable, people with the knowledge, creativity, and know-how are still rare.

That was the primary reason that Small Business Samaritans launched Business Promotion Services (BPS).

Benefit of using LSP

When small business use the Internet, social media and various software and hardware technologies, everything is disjointed because there is no overall plan. In addition, Marketing Plans are usually quite simple and most business execution is inefficient resulting in poor customer service.

Executing a LSP is something that we do together beginning with establishing your goals and ending with the sale of your products and services. We find the most direct, logical and efficient way of making your business successful in generating the all important cash flow.