Business Promotion Service

How business is done has changed due to the use of the Internet and Social Media as business tools. Many of the traditional marketing tools such as print, radio, mail, TV, and general web sites can no longer be relied upon to deliver business content efficiently and effectively. However, with these traditional ways of communicating with the public and customers, there is a need for an overall plan, which businesses can help one to support the other.

Business ServiceThe use of the Internet has drastically changed. The Internet is now used for more than just an electronic brochure. Hundreds of new capabilities have been introduced with more tools being developed on a daily basis. In the Social Media world, there are many tools and tips on how to get the most out of the many social media offerings available.

Everyone who has a web site and has joined one or more social media sites have an inkling of the vast amount of capabilities now available to businesses. This has made business owners more aware of the challenges in using these tools effectively. Business owners may be spending too much time learning, and trying to use tools which can take away valuable time from their business and customers.

The playing field is now level. All bets are off. Any business can become obsolete, including big businesses, if they do not utilize software tools and technology properly. However, there is now an opportunity for small business owners to be successful.

The SBS BPS choices are based on designing and implementing a Logical Selling Process (LSP). The Logical Selling Process, developed by our founder, Phillip Saxton, for major corporations takes into consideration all of the steps required to close business or obtain an order. It recognizes that multiple marketing, advertising, and sales components are required for small businesses to achieve a level of success.

Our SBS Business Promotion Service (BPS) service is designed to remove or lessen the challenges inherent in designing and implementing a Logical Selling Process. These challenges include taking an interested potential customer to the point of doing business by placing an order or utilizing the small business service offerings. Our primary goal is a call to action. We want each business contact to lead toward customers taking positive actions.

To accomplish this, SBS will provide consulting, training, web development, radio advertising/promotion, social media interaction, and many other services listed below.

SBS Bronze Plan

  • SBS Consulting establishing clear goals & purpose
  • Writing content that leads to positive action
  • Designing a Beautiful Web site
  • Navigating web site to achieve business Purpose
  • Monthly business training
  • Linking from SBS Web site
  • Writing a monthly blog
  • Hosting
  • Cost: monthly pricing available. Call for quote.

SBS Silver Plan

  • All of above
  • Managing 3 social media sites
  • Utilizing social media tools to aid in achieving business objectives
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to move up to page 1 on search engines.
  • Monthly interview on STAR Radio program
  • Pod cast on web site
  • Cost: monthly pricing available. Call for quote.

SBS Gold Plan

  • All of above
  • Sales Communication Skills Training
  • Writing newsletters
  • Smart phone & tablet compatibility
  • Links to other web sites
  • Second Monthly Interview on SBS radio program
  • Pod Cast two on web site
  • Commercial Video
  • Cost: monthly pricing available. Call for quote.

Because we ‘Come Alongside’ our customers, we want to make the absolute best services available without having to use a lot of capital at one time. This is why our plans can be paid monthly.