success1Small Business Samaritans is dedicated to helping small business owners and managers accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams. We are more than a networking or training organization. SBS is an organization designed to help small business owners grow, develop, meet challenges, and offer products or services that are profitable to their customers. Our primary goal is to to help our customers generate sales revenue and provide outstanding customer service.

Personal Development

Personal development is vitally important and seminars can help develop these skills, which can help achieve success. No one has all of the skills needed to start and operate a successful business. We designed our seminar series to provide excellent training weekly, monthly, and quarterly over breakfast at an affordable price.

We don’t stop there. Our one-on-one coaching really can make a difference!

Business Promotion Services

The SBS Business Promotion Service (BPS) offers are based on designing and implementing a Logical Selling Process (LSP). The Logical Selling Process, developed by our founder, Phillip Saxton, for major corporations, takes into consideration all the steps required to close a sale. It recognizes multiple marketing, advertising, and sales components small businesses need to achieve a level of success.

Our plans often include video, radio, social media, blogs, newsletters, and other forms of marketing. We have joined forces with Eclipse Web Media to execute a completely laid out Logical Selling Process to take our clients to another level in order to surpass their competition, thus leading to greater sales.

Social Media

The use of technology and many social media tools is paramount in most small business success. Using tools like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ can bring a business up to the starting line with many of their competitors. Our objective is to help small business owners take advantage of these tools to generate business and help achieve real business goals and objectives.

Personal Coaching

Personal CoachingWhat do you do when you have an important business decision to make? Who do you call for help with questions that you may not even know how to phrase? What organization do you know that will come along side of you to help? The answer is Small Business Samaritans. You no longer have to go it alone.

We also help our members to use blogs, newsletters, websites and marketing/selling email services to your advantage.

Featured Fridays

Small Business Samaritans has become more active in networking each week by encouraging business owners to end each week with us at Café 313, 2595 Fence Rd., Dacula, GA 30019, 8 am. Every Friday, a different business owner will give his/her testimony.

There are several benefits associated with joining Small Business Samaritans!