Small Business Samaritans Sponsorships

Small Business Samaritans invites special companies and individuals to join us in our sponsorship programs. These sponsorships are more like partnerships in that we have mutual goals and close affiliations.Small businesses

Our sponsorship program can fall into three categories:

SBS Shark Tank Sponsors are those companies and consultants that work closely with us in providing services to small business owners who enter into our SBS Shark Tank Program.

SBS Training Program Sponsors are those companies and consultants who are dedicated to providing training support and scholarships for newly started businesses, students and small business where training can make a huge difference in their success but simply cannot afford the training cost.

SBS STAR Radio program Sponsors are those businesses, institutions and individuals who want to help promote companies who need exposure & are clearly interested in their future success.

SBS Non-Profit Sponsors are those businesses who want to help non-profit organizations promote themselves & raise donations & support for their missions.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to help others!

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