Seminar Series

SeminarPersonal development is the key to being successful in business. Look around you. The truly successful people and leaders in business are those who have a particular skill — the ability to communicate effectively.

Is this a coincidence? No! Top professionals agree that the movers and shakers in the community, the successful entrepreneurs, the ones who provide outstanding products and services are the ones who can relate easily to everyone.

It is possible to learn these skills and that is what the Small Business Samaritans seminar series aims to accomplish.

Communication Skills Workshops:

These are quarterly workshops designed to greatly improve the communication skills of even those who are currently good communicators. It is important to recognize that ‘communication’ is an art that needs continued improvement and practice. Over the course of 1 year we cover the following areas in effective communication:

  • Elements of Communication and how to refine your skills by carefully working on each part of your interaction with others.
  • Presentation Skills – Every one should always be prepared to speak when given the opportunity. This is critical for all business owners and managers. We work to improve one-on-one and one-to-many communication techniques.
  • Improving your ‘closing’ ratio and better qualifying. This seminar is designed to understand your speaking objectives and how to best attain them.
  • Planning Your Sales Processes & Client Development. As a communicator your job is to serve others. Improvement in communication allows you to improve your service delivery and customer service. Being able to explain things simply is an absolute necessity.

Our cost for these workshops is $199. Most workshops of this quality are offered from $800 to $1200. All workshops start at 8:00 am. Brunch is included. Register Now.

SBS Monthly Seminar Events:

Small Business Samaritans, based upon research and surveys, have determined the primary training needs of business owners, managers and employees. Our goal, and we are dedicated to this principle, is to provide outstanding training at a price that all business owners can afford. Go to our registration page to see this years offering.

Our cost for monthly seminars is $199. These seminars start at 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM. Brunch is included. Register Now.


There is a membership offer that can be purchased covering 12 months of seminars & workshops and a monthly membership fee offering of $60/month that covers all seminars and workshops. See Membership offers.


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In addition, we are offering businesses the opportunity display their products and services, as an event sponsor!

Please be sure to register for upcoming seminars, by visiting our registration page.

We look forward to hearing from you.