SBS Shark Tank

Small Business Samaritans is dedicated to helping small business owners and managers in two distinct and meaningful ways:

We Come Along Side. This is our motto and under this banner, we provide consulting, training & knowledge to help small business owners with the #1 reason businesses have limited success. That reason is: Lack Of Knowhow.

We address this need by first doing an initial business assessment. This includes reviewing marketing materials, web sites, financial data, operations, walk-throughs and talking with the business owner(s) and key management. This assessment is free. In our second meeting we will identify those areas of need limiting business success and provide a detail plan, including training and recommendations for moving forward.

We Walk Along Side. This is our signature service. Not only do we train business personnel through workshops and consulting, but we also bring people into the business to help implement solutions. During our business assessment and detail discussion with business owners and management, we determine those areas of need and where to bring in expertise to implement solutions to make the business better. No matter the area, including accounting/bookkeeping, sales management & training, legal including contracts, advertising, web development and social media management, organization, merchandising, organizational consulting, coaching and many others. Indeed, our staffs of consultants have extensive levels of knowledge and experience supervised by people with top management expertise.

Types of businesses we are looking to help. We are looking for specific business owners that fall into one of four categories:

  1. Those businesses who are looking for investors in exchange for a percentage (%) of the business.
  2. Those businesses who are looking to obtain a bank loan but are currently unable to do so.
  3. Those businesses who have been in operation for 10 years are more and are interested in selling for a good price.
  4. Those businesses that want to experience organic growth but need help because they lack all of the expertise necessary to go to the next level.

Investing in a business at any level is a risk. We mitigate this risk by putting each business through a planned customized program, identification of needs and the implementation of solutions to satisfy those needs. This is important because our investors, banks, and business purchasers want to see demonstrated successes over time. We give our businesses up to 10 – 12 months to significantly improve their businesses with our help. Remember, we are walking along side.

SBS Shark Tank Process. The SBS Shark Tank process is designed to significantly improve your business chance of reaching goals. Our steps & solutions are documented and monitored by investors, banks and those who may be interested in purchasing businesses for sale. You will receive detail coaching to prepare going in front of our SBS Shark Tank. After up to 10-12 months of training, consulting, and implementation, we have proven documented results of great interest to our banks and investors. Your chances for success are greatly enhanced because you will be in a stronger position to not only get capital, but help from investors.