Featured Friday Events

Small Business Samaritans
Featured Friday Events – 8 am
Café 313
2595 Fence Road, NE
Dacula, GA 30019

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Join business owners and managers in our expanded teaching and fellowship events each Friday. This is the opportunity to network, share common interest, learn business principles, and provide a platform for Christian people to share how God has impacted their lives and businesses. Featured Friday events are free for all businessmen and women, which features the testimony of one business person.

Featured Friday is a business networking group for business owners/Business representatives & non-profit directors, managers and volunteers. We start at 8 am and continue until 9:30 am each Friday providing attendees time to discuss his/her products/services & program offerings. This is not a closed networking group but is open to all and free to attend. We develop relationships, gain knowledge of each person’s business, gain trust, and respect and through these contacts we work towards supporting each other with business opportunities and support.
Featured Speaker
Each week a person is selected in advance to give a 20-25 minute testimony. We are interested in two things; (1) How did you come to know the Lord and (2) What impact does your faith have on your business or non-profit organization. Featured Friday is a special group based upon the knowledge we gain of each other over time.