About Us

Small Business Samaritans stands with the small business ownersSmall Business Samaritans cares about the individuals who have the dream and courage to start a business. These dreams are important, not just to them and their families, but to their customers and the community where they operate.

We are living in challenging economic times where much of the future of the United States of America depends upon job creation. Our top concerns as a nation lie with economic recovery, job creation, and setting up & operating successful businesses.

It is highly doubtful that many new jobs are going to be created by big business, global business, governments, inventions, or new investments.

During the last 15 years, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses generated over 64% of new jobs. Currently, 70% of job growth is generated by small businesses, which is expected to continue, if not increase, in the next four years.

Small businesses have been severely affected by economic, global, and political forces completely out of their control. The current recession was caused by poor political decisions, poor leadership from large financial organizations, a liquidity shortfall in the banking system caused by the overvaluation of assets, poor leadership from large corporations, and greed.

The concept of SBS was born out of the idea that small businesses and entrepreneurs needed to do things differently in order to insulate them from these economic and political forces. Our communities depend upon doing things differently. The goal is to operate a business that is less subjected to outside forces.

How We Operate

Personal Development – Our motto is ‘We Come Alongside’. The most important thing we can do for business owners is to provide them with know-how, training, and professional development. We provide this assistance at extremely low prices. All our offers follow a business education curriculum designed to benefit each entrepreneur. We encourage you to attend our Featured Fridays events free of charge. Next, no matter how much experience you have, you should attend our monthly seminar events. We guarantee a fulfilling experience that you can use to gain success in all areas of your business. Lastly, everyone needs a little help in improving their communication skills and we at SBS offer quarterly Communication Skills Workshops to help you better communicate with your customers, provide outstanding customer service, and improve your ability to close a business sale.

Business Promotion Service – The key to this service is our ability to mentor business owners. There are thousands of reasons you may or may not be doing well. You may be working hard, but not seeing the rewards you planned and you find yourself mentally challenged and feeling discouraged. For others, it becomes answering the question: how can I get to the next step? You also may want to know how to make enough money to meet your business needs, and how you can provide opportunities for others. The important thing for you to know is that we can help.

SBS Membership – Becoming a member means you will be able to take advantage of many benefits. Critical business skills training may not be in your budget. Our membership offers a way for you to get everything you need at affordable prices.

We come alongside to help.