• Let SBS help you spend more time generating cash

    Say Goodbye to Blind Networking

    We are more than a networking or training organization. Our primary goal is to do all we can to help our customers generate sales revenue and provide outstanding customer service.

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    Experience the SBS Difference. Attend a Seminar.

    Our focus is to help business owners and their staff members generate sales income (cash), through a number of services that we provide.

  • We team up with Biz 1190 to talk to local small businesses.

    Be the “STAR” For Your Business

    We believe small businesses can utilize media to establish their brand and market their goods and services, even with the challenges of cost and having the know-how as to how to use these tools.

  • SBS is there with you even in tricky times

    Need Someone to Hold Your Hand?

    The one thing that is more valuable than money to a small business, is well-rounded mentoring expertise. You no longer have to go it alone.

Non Profit

Donor Cultivation

Small Business Samaritans Non-Profit Workshop Blog Prepared by Kate St. Clair Why is it that for-profit businesses have no problem pricing their products or services and expecting people to pay for them, while non-profit businesses are timid and reluctant to …

Business Seminar

Small Business Samaritans Non-Profit Workshops

Prepared by Kate St. Clair May 13, 2014 Have you ever had such a burning passion to help a cause that you actually considered starting a non-profit organization? Then you abandoned your idea when you realized the sheer enormity of …

Domain Name

The Importance of ‘Domain’ Names

Domain names or URLs have been around for decades. Many people have at least one and some have many. Selecting the right domain name is one of the first decisions a business owner has to make and very often they …